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New Hitachi test train arrives in the UK after two-month journey from Japan

New Hitachi test train arrives in the UK after two-month journey from Japan

The first of TransPennine Express’s new Nova 1 test trains completed its two-month journey from Japan this week, arriving at the Port of Southampton on Monday.

The train’s journey included crossing the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, as well as passing through the Panama Canal.

The modern Japan-built bullet train inspired fleet is being built by Hitachi and financed by Angel Trains.

People will be able to catch their first glimpse of the train this summer when it begins testing in the North.

From 2019 this fleet will connect major cities in the North of England and Scotland, running from Manchester and Liverpool, across the Pennines to cities such as Leeds, York, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

The trains will provide 161 additional seats compared to the existing ones on the busy intercity route.

Customers will benefit from spacious carriages, providing extra legroom and additional luggage space and the experience on-board will be completely transformed.

Each new train will offer fast, free Wi-Fi in both Standard and First Class as well as complimentary on-board entertainment system, Exstream, allowing customers to stream the latest movies and TV shows during their journey.

The investment in these new trains is supporting thousands of jobs across the UK through Hitachi’s decision to choose over 30 UK firms to supply key components.