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Inward Investment In County Durham

Opening up links to the thriving UK and European economy.

IT Services and Creative Media Sector Factsheet

UK priority sectors are cyber security, mobile applications, cloud computing and data centres. These priorities are reflected in County Durham particularly in the areas of process and data handling. The development of open innovation platforms is also a growing priority in Durham through companies such as Global Management Platform.

The UK Information Technology market is worth £140 billion and accounts for 12% of GDP.
Several hundred people are employed by large and growing companies in Durham, with employment set to grow year on year.

Excellent opportunities exist for Durham companies, and are already in place as follows:

  • The Digital and Animation cluster in North East England is one of the largest in Europe.
  • The UK data centre market is the largest in Western Europe, and remains a key strength for County Durham, particularly in the Seaham and Peterlee area.

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Did You Know

  • The Hitachi Rail Europe factory area is equivalent to over 6 football pitches and used over 2000 tonnes of steel in the building.
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