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Innovation In County Durham

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Entrepreneurs invited to space-tech event in Sedgefield

Entrepreneurs invited to space-tech event in Sedgefield

ENTREPRENEURS are being invited to an event to learn about starting and growing their own space-tech business.

The fully-funded two-day event is designed for entrepreneurs developing space applications - using satellite data to solve business and environmental problems.

It has been organised by the SETsquared Partnership in collaboration with UK Space Agency. The event announcement comes after a recent study revealed that the North-East region contributes £75m to the total UK space sector income.

A spokesperson from the North-East centre of excellence for satellite applications said: "This event will accelerate entrepreneurs’ ideas to market and we are delighted to host it here in the North-East.”

The event will take place from June 6 to June 7 at the North East Technology Park in Sedgefield.

To apply setsquared.co.uk/programme/space-tech-programme/

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