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BLOG: Is Data Your Thing?

BLOG: Is Data Your Thing?

Graeme Miller, Innovation Development Manager talks about finding the solution to data problems.

On a global scale we are producing more and more data by the minute. How much of that data is being used to solve problems and where can you find it?

UK companies are using data to solve global challenges around flooding, food security, asset management, crop growth and much, much more. Where is the data coming from? Satellites – Satellites are producing data (and yes, it’s just data, same as any other data) which is being used to solve a host of challenges. The solutions usually come from the people who understand the problems then refine and process the data into something meaningful.

Our aim at the Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence is to give you access to the problems (the challenges) and support you with the journey to finding the solution.

Want to know more? We need organisations with data related skills. We will be introducing you to challenges along with possible funding opportunities at our Satellite Conference on March 22nd in Durham. Come along and join us as well as meeting the key people from the sector including Stuart Martin CEO of the Satellite Applications Catapult, Graham Turnock CEO of UK Space Agency and Ian Downey from the European Space Agency.

Satellite data is within your reach and we can help to access it. It’s no longer only accessible to the big corporations.

Less than a month until the conference – buy your ticket now.