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Inward Investment In County Durham

Opening up links to the thriving UK and European economy.
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Skills And Talent In County Durham

A 40 minute drive time from Durham City provides the following demographic profile:
Working age population is 637,550. As a percentage (65.4%) this is above regional (64.2%) and national (64.1%) profiles. The catchment has a young age profile with 20-29 year olds being 22.8% of the working age population compared with a regional average of 21.1%. Similarly, people in their last 10 years of working age account for 18.4% of the working age population compared with the regional average of 21.1%.

Percentage of Employees in work related training: 27%.The work-related training participation rate within the catchment is higher than both the regional and national averages, which stand at 18.5% and 17.5% respectively. The figure is even higher in the production industry at 29.2%.

58,970 public sector employees are currently involved in training, equivalent to 43% of employees and far higher than the overall workforce participation rate of 17.9%. This raises the prospect of trained staff entering the labour market as the public sector sheds jobs.

Qualifications: 15.6% are fully qualified professionals with 12.3% Newly Qualified/ Semi Qualified Professionals.

The five Universities in the region have a total of 105,445 people studying at undergraduate and postgraduate level in 2012-13 and employed 6,900 academic staff. Of the 19,565 international students, half were at postgraduate level.

There are four colleges in the County: New College, Durham; East Durham College, Peterlee; Derwentside College, Consett, and Bishop Auckland College. They deliver academic and workbased learning opportunities for individuals and employers accessing networks of public finance.

Labour market costs are very competitive with the median pay in the Durham catchment being £23,595, 88% of that for England as a whole.

More detailed information on skills and demographics can be provided on request.

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  • AKS in Peterlee manufactures 1.2 billion steel balls per annum
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