North East Packaging Innovator Supports The Circular Economy

North East Packaging Innovator Supports The Circular Economy

For over 40 years, County Durham based packaging innovator Walton Industrial Containers has been supporting the circular economy. Long before re-cycling was a buzzword, Walton Industrial Containers was living and breathing it with the unique and innovative OCTOBOX.

Octobox is fully collapsible yet rigid and stackable. It is being used across the world to transport high value liquids, powders and granules and compared to a ‘Big Bag’ (FIBC) offers greater protection and safe stacking. The Octobox is easy to use, re-use and once folded flat is economical to store and transport within any supply chain.

Customers like Johnson Matthey, Ineos, and Vitrex have already seen the advantages of using the Octobox to effectively and efficiently store high value materials whilst maximizing storage space within warehouses.

Twelve months ago, a global customer who recognised the value of the Octobox acquired the business.  The purchase secured their sustainable packaging supply and also the future of the company. Managing Director, Ray Waller said ‘ we chose Walton Industrial Containers because we firmly believe in the circular economy and Octobox embodies this. The product has stood the test of time and we will continue to help solve our customers packaging, storage and distribution challenges whilst also assisting them in meeting their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives ’.

He continued ‘the last 12 months have been an exciting time in the business. We are creating a UK hub for the recycling and distribution of Octobox right here in County Durham.  We have a team of dedicated staff and a fantastic purpose-built factory. We expect that this is the start for a further 40 years at the forefront of innovative, bespoke packaging design with the added bonus that the circular economy is what Octobox is all about  - Manufacture, Use, Refurbish, Re-use.’

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