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Flooring company opens new depot in Shildon

Flooring company opens new depot in Shildon

A FAST-GROWING flooring wholesale company has opened a new 20,000 square foot depot in the North-East as it continues to increase its UK coverage.

Less than 18 months ago, Kellars was supplying flooring to just a handful of customers in the Greater Manchester area, from its base in Stockport.

But following a rapid expansion, the company has quickly risen to become one of the largest independent flooring wholesalers in the UK.

This is on the back of acquiring a 15,000 square foot depot in Glasgow at the end of 2019 and recently opening a new facility in Shildon, County Durham.

This means the company can now provide flooring and accessories to customers in Scotland, North Wales, North-East England, North West England (including Greater Manchester and Merseyside), Cumbria, Humberside and Yorkshire.

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