Durham Start Up Taking Fitness and Wellness into Local Businesses

Durham Start Up Taking Fitness and Wellness into Local Businesses

Gym Unique is beginning to climb the corporate ladder by offering in-house health and wellness sessions to some of the Durham’s largest companies, helping to reduce stress-related illness, improve employee wellbeing, decrease time spent off work due to illness and increase the productivity of staff.

The company opened its doors in October 2017 and, has taken the local fitness market by storm. With a growing client base of 1,000 active members in the first two years, Gym Unique’s vision is to help as many people as possible in Durham and the surrounding areas achieve their fitness and health goals. Founders Chris Fairless and Aaron Arkley now want to expand their services by improving the accessibility of health and fitness in the workplace. 

“With ever-increasing pressures and tighter deadlines, people find themselves working longer hours, this, in turn, increases their stress levels and sees them sacrificing their own health and wellness to accommodate work. “Small factors can have a big impact! Something as simple as moving less or grabbing a quick sugary snack at their desk instead of preparing a nutritionally rich meal will result in increased cholesterol and weight gain. These small habits go unnoticed until it's too late”, explained Chris Fairless.

In the Summer of 2018, Gym Unique approached Learning Curve Group, one of the largest education and training providers in the UK, about a project to improve the health and wellness of their staff. 

Gym Unique and Learning Curve Group have worked hard over the last six months to promote the importance of maintaining a good level of health and wellness among employees and directors of the company. Both companies work together to improve fitness and health in the workplace as well as deliver nutrition and health qualifications to staff and members. As the partnership begins to grow both companies plan on improving the health and wellbeing of the community and staff in local areas. 

Learning Curve Group now have a Gym Unique Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor on-site once-a-month offering fitness and nutritional consultations as well as health checks which include taking body measurements to track progress and maintain accountability. Personal Trainer Dean, added, “It's been amazing to work with such an enthusiastic set of employees; each is passionate about the company and the work they do.” Learning Curve Group were recently voted as one of the top 100 companies to work for by the Sunday Times.

Darren Welsh, Business Development Manager at Learning Curve Group, commented, “Joining as a member of Gym Unique has given me a new lease of life. I became very lethargic at work where tasks seemed to become more of a chore than a challenge. When I did manage to go out hill walking or out on my mountain bike, I felt heavy and run down. Now I have regained my focus and motivation, which I have also taken back into the workplace, my working days have become more enjoyable and I feel more confident and focussed in everything I do. This is all due to the fact I am feeling good within myself again as a direct result of what Gym Unique is giving me”.

Some of the things included in Gym Unique’s corporate package are:

  • Monthly visits over lunchtime to chat and offer free advice to all the staff about nutrition and fitness
  • Monthly newsletter providing tips and recipes to all staff 
  • Monthly health analysis to all staff, this would include a 15 min consultation and body measurements taken and tracked each month
  • Meal prep deliveries, pre ordered and delivered by Zest Kitchen and Lunge which is based in Gym Unique.
  • Reduced personal memberships and tailor-made subsidised memberships for staff
  • On-site fitness and health activities and educational seminars

Today’s workforce is now looking for more than just a salary. Nearly a third of ‘top talent’ believe that a gym membership should be included in a benefits package. Fortunately, companies are beginning to realise the importance of this. Businesses who have already signed up to Gym Unique’s corporate programme include local giants Workwear Express and international packaging leaders Faerch. They plan to expand their services to more corporate organisations across the region in the forthcoming months. For more information about the Gym Unique Corporate Package, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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