Dryright Ltd

Dryright Ltd

Dryright provide specialist drying systems. After working in this industry for over 30 years, the DRYRIGHT directors have developed a highly specialised approach in dealing with damage caused by fire and flood. Our services include the following steps: 

  • Investigation: carry out a full survey of the premises, inspecting and recording the damage
  • Report: the results of our survey are compiled into a comprehensive report
  • Plan: depending on the various factors highlighted in the report, we formulate and document a drying plan. 
  • Implementation: once the plan is approved, we will install the equipment and carry out the treatment.
  • Final Survey: at this point, we make a final survey to confirm the expected results have been achieved and that no residual problems remain. 




Tanfield Business Centre


County Durham, 



0844 225 1355 (office hours) and 0800 334 5965 (out of hours)


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