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Motorbike visibility system creator turns to the crowd

Motorbike visibility system creator turns to the crowd

A County Durham business which has developed a helmet- and bike-mounted camera system to improve visibility for motorcycle riders is attempting to raise more than £450,000 to bolster production.

Zona has created an intelligent camera that can be attached to a motorcycle and then connected to a helmet display.

"A big problem with motorcycles is rear vision is very poor, making the biker vulnerable to accidents because they cannot see what’s behind them or coming alongside them, and because of that they spend too much time peering into mirrors, distracting them from the road ahead," Zona chief executive John Haye, who is a life-long biker, told Insider. 

"Motorcyclists are 23 times more likely to have a serious or fatal road accident than car drivers. After one close call too many, I decided to try and design something for my own use that would give me good rear and side vision, so  could concentrate better on what was in front of me and enjoy riding more."

Zona has turned to Crowdcube in a bid to raise £451,000 in return for 27.48 per cent equity.


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