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AN ENTREPRENEUR is looking to go global with his augmented reality app designed to help city visitors find the best places to eat, drink and be merry.

Grant Thompson, of Durham City, says his free app can guide people around different cities and is handy for every visitor – from students to tourists.

The app uses augmented reality to scan an area and find out what deals and promotions are around. It then uses geofield notifications to text people with a promotion when they’re in a certain area.

The app has been launched in Newcastle but will soon be rolled out in Sunderland and Durham. It is free to download but the bars and restaurant pay a fee to be on the Tipll map. It works by asking users five questions before coming up with the best places to visit suitable to the users’ personal drink and venue preferences.

Grant says he’s received a great deal of support from Business Durham, the economic development organisation for County Durham, working on behalf of Durham County Council.

Said Grant: “Business Durham has been a significant help with introductions into the Durham business network. We want to keep this business in Durham and use the resources in County Durham to create a tourist platform that will challenge the like of TripAdvisor while concentrating on the user experience and using new technology to enhance people’s experience of cities across the UK.”

Brian Archer, managing director of Business Durham, said: “There are so many opportunities for high-tech businesses in the North East and it’s fantastic to see Grant taking advantage of that. We have the right environment, skills and support for Tipll and many others to thrive. We’re looking forward to working with Grant as he introduces Tipll to the world.”