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The HR Dept

The HR Dept, Durham and Darlington is a local business that provides HR advice and support to businesses in the region, not only preventing people problems but helping businesses make the most of their employees’ potential. 

The HR Dept offers a broad range of services that help businesses navigate their way through ever-changing employment law, support them to resolve problems that inevitably crop up from time to time and provide business management with more time to spend on developing their business. 

Through our contacts with Business Durham and some of their key partners in Peterlee Business Park group, such as NSK Bearings Ltd, The HR Dept has been able to establish excellent business relationships with companies in the Peterlee region.  Some of these have resulted in direct HR support with their immediate or ongoing HR needs but the group has also improved communication between local businesses and raised awareness of how we can help each other in different ways.  One example of this is the regular blog that The HR Dept provides through the PBP newsletter that has been established, providing free information and advice on topical HR issues to businesses in the group.