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The Bubbly Bauble Company

We were introduced to Joanne Urquhart-Arnold by a mutual friend who, after seeing our business idea, thought Joanne may be able to offer some assistance and support.

That introduction has turned out to be invaluable as Joanne was very positive about the concept and pointed us in the direction of funding providers we would otherwise not have known about. This resulted in an overall grant funding to support consultancy fees for marketing and also website design through Investment for Growth.

We were also accepted onto The Growth Accelerator Programme which gave us access to a mentor and also a grant-funded intellectual property audit, and North East Business Support Fund gave us a grant towards consultancy fees.

Other than the funding we were able to access, Joanne also introduced us to Mark Neale from Habu who has done an amazing job for us delivering brand identity, packaging and web design that is world class: he has truly been ‘the font of all knowledge’ for us on all marketing and design aspects. Most recently we owe a debt of gratitude for suggesting the LEC Consultancy, which supports us with our public relations and press releases and I feel will be another invaluable addition to our Bubbly Bauble team.

In essence, the support Joanne and the Business Durham team have offered has helped us take up the challenges of a new business venture. Knowing that there is someone in your corner who is there to offer support, keep you up to date with any funding available and can just generally recommend good people is something every business needs.