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Realsafe Technologies Ltd

REALRIDER® is the first 999 certified app on the market for motorcyclists, with its REALRIDER® Crash Detection system connecting riders involved in an accident to the nearest ambulance service in their time of need. The life-saving technology detects an impact by monitoring key sensors in a smartphone. If a rider is involved in an accident, their last known location and medical details will be with paramedics within minutes of the crash.

Assigned a Category Green 2 ambulance response classification, REALRIDER® crash alerts are fully integrated into BT’s 999 service, directly sending rider information through to the ambulance control room. This ensures any triage process is conducted by a trained emergency medical dispatcher and commanding ambulance dispatch, with sirens and flashing lights, all within 30 minutes of the alert. All data sent to 999 is secured via an emergency router managed by BT. The cost for REALRIDER’s service is less than the price of a high street coffee per month.

The North East Satellite Application Centre of Excellence first engaged with Realsafe Technologies, the parent company of REALRIDER® in 2015.  The Centre, which is based at the North East Technology Park (NETPark), works with organisations to solve problems and open up opportunities using satellite data and technology.   Realsafe Technologies CEO, Zoe Farrington, and Chief Commercial Officer, Andrew Richardson, have given talks about their business at the Satellite Applications Catapult and worked with the Centre’s board to discuss their business development.

The Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence helped establish contact for Realsafe Technologies with the Catapult in Oxfordshire, to enable the company to enter the European Satellite Navigation competition and the company won the UK round and was then runner up in the overall European competition.

Andrew Richardson, Chief Commercial Officer said: “The competition was a big deal for us in the sense that it got us noticed further afield in Europe and Canada, which added extra credibility to us as a business. The competition helped to get us accreditation as the first 999 certified app on the market, which in turn has helped to us to achieve 9-1-1 integration in Canada, and a planned roll out across Malaysia in 2018. If we hadn’t worked with the NETPark team at the Satellite Applications Centre, we wouldn’t have been able to open the doors into the competition which has done so much for us to help raise our profile. The Centre for Satellite Applications at NETPark identified that REALRIDER® was a great North East example of a business using space data to solve problems and commercialising that data.”

The company recently focused its efforts on licensing their award-winning crash detection technology, with a move into the automotive sector. A number of deals are in progress with UK and Canadian organisations interested in providing this valuable public safety benefit.


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To find out more about Satellite applications and the opportunities available, come along to the annual conference on 22 March 2018