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Reportec / Mecaplast

Mecaplast, a leading European automotive equipment supplier introduced a new company health and safety policy which required them to appoint a company that could provide floor marking in order to identify safe pathways and to separate people from hazards.
After hearing about repair and protection specialists Reprotec through the NEAA, Mecaplast approached the firm to find out more about the floor safety solutions it provides and how this could be applied to its UK site in Peterlee.

Approach and Solution
Reprotec’s commercial director Nick Megson carried out a full site survey and worked closely with the team at Mecaplast to understand their corporate identity plan. It was important that the visual aspect of the solutions matched exactly what had been outlined as this would be implemented across all sites world-wide.
Reprotec applied pedestrian safety walkways and pedestrian crossways which were marked yellow with black footprints across the factory. They also applied floor hatching to prevent fire exits from being blocked and causing a safety hazard.
In order to allow for production to continue as normal, Reprotec completed the work over three weekends.

Outcome and Advantage
• Reprotec provided floor safety solutions to meet Mecaplast’s exact specifications.
• Reprotec have completed phase 1 of the project.
• Reprotec worked around production times to ensure no disruption to the factory output.
• This work could be the start of a long-standing business relationship between two member companies initiated through the NEAA.

About Reprotec
Reprotec specialises in providing cost effective, environmentally-friendly repair and protection solutions, using resin-based products to protect the fabric of buildings.

“Through a meeting at the NEAA Expo in September 2015, Reprotec became known as a supplier of high quality floor finishes. With this in mind, it became clear through the tendering process that Reprotec were able to engage with our vision, which is a “one world standard” for all of our plants, to replicate that standard in reality, and due to their close proximity were able to provide a solution and implementation plan which suited our requirements.”
David Cann / General Manager UK / Mecaplast

“Without both companies being NEAA members, we potentially wouldn’t have worked together. Mecaplast had considered using a company in Scotland, so this collaboration has kept business within the North East, which is fantastic for both companies and the region.”
Nick Megson / Commercial Director / Reprotec