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Name of person and company. Where is the company based?

Paul Mitchinson (Managing Director) and Sharon West (Director) - MASfab Limited
MASfab is based in Tursdale Industrial Park, Bowburn, County Durham

What does the company do?

MASfab is a custom welding and steel fabrication company.

Give us a “fun fact” about the company

The company name is an abbreviation of both directors names MAS – Mitch and Sharon

Where are your major customers?

We operate predominantly, but not exclusively, in the following sectors:

Oil and Gas
Offshore Wind
Nuclear Power
Steel Industries

Our major customers are mainly based in the North East of England and Scotland. However, we have won contracts for as far as Azerbaijan.

What’s your top tip for other businesses?

Success takes time. We entered the market in 2014 at the height of oil and gas and within 3 months of setting up the price of oil plummeted.
Because we hadn’t grown too fast as a business we are still able to ride out the storm.
To succeed in this type of business you need to like going out to introduce yourself to potential customers, spending countless hours bidding
on contracts, and after all that, your efforts may not pay off so you mustn’t fear rejection.

How has Business Durham helped?

Business Durham has acted as a reference point for information. They have introduced us to different networking events and businesses that may be of interest to us as a company such as the Department of International Trade.