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Chapter 6

A PHOTOGRAPHER who set out to develop “the world’s best camera” expects to revolutionise the market with his design that uses cutting-edge science and maximises on space technology.

Michael Potts formed his County Durham company, Chapter 6, to design and create a superior camera capable of taking ultra-high-resolution photos that are radically superior in image quality than any other camera currently in use.

Michael, who recently relocated Chapter 6 to incubator space at Sedgefield’s North East Technology Park (NETPark) in Sedgefield, County Durham, said: “The whole concept explicitly seeks to be a paradigm shift in what a camera is and does.

“Our camera can survive and operate in environments no other system can, and can function as part of a unique reactive environment and space. Simply put, ours are the best cameras in the world because no other camera comes close to delivering such high-quality images or using complex data in such a way.”

Chapter 6 was awarded a coveted place on the region’s Space Incubation Programme last year, delivered by Business Durham, the economic development organisation for County Durham, in partnership with the UK Space Agency, which provides intensive support to companies either already in the space sector, or who are looking to diversify into the sector.

To create the highest-quality images, the camera has been built using nanomaterials and semiconductors developed by Chapter 6 and its partners. Space technology, artificial intelligence, and revolutionary integration are at the core of the system.

Michael said he expected the camera to be used by a niche clientele including for space exploration, environmental monitoring, public safety, advertising, and wildlife protection.

He said the space programme had been fantastic for Chapter 6.

“We’ve been introduced to the right people and received invaluable support to bring everything together, move forward and strengthen our abilities to secure future funding,” he added.

Business Durham worked with Michael to understand his business needs, identify areas of concern and introduce him to industry experts.

Graeme Miller, Business Durham’s innovation development manager, said: “In some cases the expert’s time was funded through the space incubation programme and in other cases we simply made introductions. As a result, Michael has moved forward significantly with product development over the past 12 months and secured considerable funds for research and development.”