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Atom Bank

Atom Bank is a challenger bank, designed for digital: online functionality added to a competitively priced mix of products. Established in 2014, it is now building its headquarters at Aykley Heads in Durham City, creating 400 jobs.

The founders were determined to have the entire company in one location, counter to the industry’s habit of separating HQ functions from operations and customer support.

Ed Twiddy, Chief Operating and Innovation Officer, commented that “Cost is always a driver, but the decision was made on a scorecard which put significant weight on resilience to natural and other shocks, and to the nature of public space in the locality. Our decision has been vindicated by the ability to attract talent from across the region and the wider UK to Durham and by the positive feedback from the team to life in Durham. Durham offered an excellent combination of connectivity, people and location and the forward looking and very supportive approach and actions of Business Durham sealed the deal. Atom’s ability to find partners for all its needs – creative, construction and commercial – has demonstrated the growing scale and depth of the financial services industry in the North East.”