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Razor sharp new internet solution for companies on Aycliffe Business Park

Razor sharp new internet solution for companies on Aycliffe Business Park

Companies on the North-East’s biggest business park can now access exciting new wireless technology which provides cost-effective super-fast internet access with speeds of up to 1,000 MB.

North East IT firm Razorblue, which has a track record of more than a decade of solving problems, has invested heavily to provide the new service to benefit firms across Aycliffe Business Park.

Many companies in certain areas of the business park have long had problems with their internet because of the high cost of dedicated leased lines and limited access to super-fast fibre connections.

But now Catterick-based Razorblue, which also has offices in Wynyard, Leeds and London, has come up with a cost-effective solution.

The IT geeks have already installed a state-of-the-art rooftop point-to-point wireless internet solution at the Xcel Centre, which is at the heart of Aycliffe Business Park.

Razorblue has solved similar problems for industrial estates and business parks across the north – including Stockton’s Bowesfield Business Park, Calder Park in Wakefield, Escrick Park, Shires Business Park in York and Colburn Business Park in Catterick.

Similar to issues on Aycliffe Business Park, companies did not have access to cost-effective business-grade service to suit their heavy usage.


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