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Can-do attitude is key to success for County Durham Marmax

Can-do attitude is key to success for County Durham Marmax

From its early beginnings of using recycled plastic to make potato storage boxes, Marmax is now responsible for a raft of goods, ranging from picnic tables to dog agility equipment.

A MULTI-MILLION POUND business that makes furniture from recycled plastic milk bottles is blazing a colourful trail from its County Durham operation.

Marmax may not be a household name, but its wide range of playground and dog agility equipment is used all over the country.

Jackie Robshaw, managing director, started her Marmax career 14 years ago, with just four employees.

The firm, based in Stanley, has grown to employ 22 permanent staff and four temporary members for seasonal work.

She said: “The business originally came about due to the innovative idea of making boxes to store potatoes in from recycled plastic, rather than the traditional wooden ones, which splintered and couldn’t be washed down or re-used.


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