County Durham equestrian sportwear designer on track to make first million at 21

County Durham equestrian sportwear designer on track to make first million at 21

AN equestrian sportswear designer from the region is set to make her first million this year at just 21 years of age.

Jordan McCabe launched Aztec Diamond Equestrian at her family’s County Durham farm in May 2014 and since then the business has gone from strength to strength, turning over a six figure sum last year.

And with a 50 per cent increase forecast for the first half of this year alone, and a new collection unveiled at the weekend, it seems there is no stopping the talented young entrepreneur.

Miss McCabe, a keen show jumping rider, created her first collection after spotting a gap in the market for an affordable, fashionable active clothing brand that offered women style and function.

“I always wanted to wear the top brands that all the leading show jumpers wore but everything was so expensive,” said Miss McCabe, of North Bitchburn, near Crook.

“My mum had once bought me a fabulous pair of breeches from an Italian brand and after falling off, which happens quite regularly when you ride horses, they were ruined and I didn’t dare face my mum and tell her.

“It got me thinking, how could I create a range of clothing for girls like me who wanted stylish well-made clothing without the hefty price tag?”

But Miss McCabe’s dream of creating an equestrian clothing can be traced further back than this. The former Wolsingham School pupil has been designing clothes since she was a little girl.

When she was 17 Miss McCabe’s grandmother passed away and she invested her inheritance into creating the brand, which is named after her horse Aztec Diamond. Shortly after this, her mother left her job in local government to become joint director and the young designer’s dream fast became a reality.


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