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Business Durham Case Studies

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Compound Photonics

THE high level skills of the local workforce; a growing electronics cluster and the quality of research in Durham University were just three of the reasons Compound Photonics invested in a new facility in the North East.

The London-based high value manufacturing company bought the former RFMD site at Newton Aycliffe and began a new future for the plant and its people.

The company develops ultra high definition miniature projectors for smartphones, as well as investigating longer-term opportunities in the automotive markets and also gesture recognition, which will revolutionise how computers understand humans by removing the limitations of input via keyboard and mouse.

Dr Jonathan Sachs, president and CEO of Compound Photonics, said: “The availability of the facility at Newton Aycliffe was a fantastic opportunity for Compound Photonics. The facility, the equipment and the highly-skilled workforce enabled us to accelerate our journey from development to manufacture of our unique products, as well as carry on R&D in new areas.

“The Business Durham team was incredibly supportive – I do not think we would have made the deal without their help and assistance. It soon became clear to everyone at Compound Photonics that County Durham is a great place to do business and we are looking forward to a successful future in the County.”

Simon Goon, managing director of Business Durham, said: “The facility had a long history of technology-led manufacturing and we were thrilled that it was likely to become the largest manufacturer of laser diodes in the world, employing a team of specialist scientists, engineers and technicians. It is a glowing testimonial that County Durham is a great place for technology companies.”

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